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Principal’s Message

What have I done as the Principal of SPHS ? – A review , at the end of 2021.

 ‘ What did I do?, What am I doing?, What will l do? ‘ This threefold question keeps me alive with an eagle’s eye when I review the whole year 2021. As I get ready to bid adieu to this year, I say ” Rejoice , Rejoice and Thank Him “ for the innumerable blessings that God has bestowed upon St. Patrick’s School — the staff , students, parents, former students and well-wishers.

One of the greatest blessings was the realization that imparting quality online education to students below 10 yrs. is a big challenge. But our dedicated staff decided to conduct oral test in ‘ LSRW'( Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) to accompany the Pandemic- affected children in their learning process. In fact Children who lost touch with books from last March’2020,  are now taking a lot of time to rebuild the base particularly in Math and English. As you know , we are trying to overcome this by giving them personal attention. Our painstaking effort will help students to reap a plentiful harvest.

Another important blessing is that we could begin the full-day classes from 8th November 2021 onwards, though it had its ups and downs. We now sail  through it  by the Providence of God with nearly 80% attendance. New worries, anxieties, concerns and new plans mark the day. We respond to everything, trusting in the Providence and unconditional love of God, the creator of us all.

CHRISTMAS is round the corner. This festival of Joy, hope and love is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm. It’s a season to sing, rejoice and heal the brokenhearted. IT IS THE BIRTH DAY OF JESUS. For me, everyday is Christmas because I personally believe that I need to live according to the values of JESUS everyday – the seven wonderful values of seeing , feeling , tasting , hearing ,smelling , laughing and loving. As a human being I strive to practise these and hence everyday is Christmas for me. My daily Christmas is summed up in the answer to the question ‘ WHAT HAVE I DONE AS THE PRINCIPAL OF ST. PATRICK’S  TODAY ?

Wishing each one of you and your family a Happy Christmas and a grace-filled NEW YEAR 2022

Rev. Fr. A. Elango, S.J.
Principal, SPHS