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Principal’s Message


Thank You Mothers


My dear Parents and Students,

Greetings to you.

March 8th is a very important and a historical day.  In my view, behind every success is a woman. It has been my experience too. At the interview, I usually ask every student, ‘Who teaches you at home?’ The answer is ‘Mother.’

Mother plays a very crucial role in our life and according to me, no one can forget the sacrifices made by our beloved mother from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed, in everything she does, she exhibits her love.

Coming to our school, it is a flower garden and we have a hundred plus Women Teachers whom I can salute and some of them, I can cherish in my heart for eternity.  The way they handle their responsibilities, the inspiring lessons they teach and the role model they become to many students inspires me a lot.  Let us whisper a prayer for our teachers.

We are almost into summer.  We have to plan wonderful pathways to health and happiness.  I would like to suggest just 3 R’s: Relationship, Reconciliation and Relaxation.  We can find time to build our relationship with one another.  We need to stretch out our Reconciliation with those whom we find difficult to relate.  Finally, we must find time to Relax. Relaxation means – 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of hard work and 8 hours to be spent with Family, on our Health and Faith.

I salute each and every Parent Mother of our school for your dedicated service towards family building, city building and nation building.

Wish you all a happy reading.  Let us encourage our students and budding writers of classes 1 to 3.



Fr. A. Elango, SJ