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Principal’s Message

COVID 19 : Bind us together with union of minds and hearts universally.

COVID 19 – shows us the way that the whole World is one Family, one Humanity, and are connected and interdependent on one another. Everything is unprecedented… So let’s surrender ourselves unto the Divine, this is the only consolation to be found despite the invisible, untold difficulties.

COVID 19 – shows us there is no difference in age, race, religions or social status but only Humanity. Each and every one of us is part of  it, no one is left out, none of us can do without the others. We see the moving scenes on the television screens, in newspapers…this shows us and tells us that overcoming the crisis is possible. It is possible when we become aware of the importance of looking after the common good to others and taking seriously our own individual responsibility. The Central Government has imposed Lockdown throughout the country to ensure the safety of all of us and we need to respect and abide by it as true Citizens of our country.

COVID 19 – shows the power of faith, the strong bonds that unite believers everywhere. Thousands of people are praying together on social media. They profess their faith, that faith which they feel from the depths of their hearts and which they cannot keep to themselves. I understand, our students and staff are well connected through daily SMS and praying fervently for the arrest of this pandemic.

Many of our brothers and sisters are stranded and on the margin, away from home. They are mostly migrant workers-homeless people and orphan children. Let us pray for them and assist in whatever way we could.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Positive.