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Principal’s Message

Our School: Where winning is a habit.    As flowers and fruits are seen in due time and they never violate their time, in the sameway our good and strenuous efforts will show their good results. Our school is abeautiful flower garden and there are a number of fruits too. Thanks to ICSEeducation. We have been introducing a lot of newness since 2018. On a war-footing, we completed the first batch of ICSE with cent percent result.Thank you, dear parents, you are our ‘pillars’ to resonate us with all newness.

We have launched the 11th class. I received an alumni who completed his SSC in2000 and he smilingly told me that he sees newness in every nook and corner of theschool. We salute you for your cooperation and understanding dear parents. Therefore, winning is a habit in our flower garden with unending newness.

We live in a fast-changing world where we get to learn something new every day.Knowledge has increased tremendously. To keep our students abreast with the fast-moving world, we are happy to informyou that we intend to start IIT/NEET coaching classes offered by the renownedKrishnamurthy Academy, to be launched in November 2022 for classes 8 to 10 for 2days in a week.

How best can we prepare our children to face this fast-moving competitive worldwhere everyone has to put in that extra effort, go that extra mile to carve a nichefor themselves.

St.Patrick’s is on the path to follow the eternal teachings of God. No compromise. We dowhat we say.

Wish you all a fruitful reading of our school e-magazine. Don’t you think winningis a habit in our school?

Fr. A. Elango s.j.